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Kenneth Andrew Mroczek : When the Water Flows Children of the Earth will Dance and Sing

Mehrwert 128
30.05.09-17.08.09, tägl. 24 Std. zu sehen to be seen 24h every day
Interfood-Vitrine, Aachen, Jülicher Str. 22
Mit freundlicher Unterstützung der Stadt Aachen


...this is a solo exhibition hosted by Mehrwert at the Interfood Vitrine in Aachen and organized by Petra Herzog.

The starting point of the exhibition is centered around Water. Aachen holds one of Western Europe's few hotsprings and since antiquity the water has drawn people to live in what was once a marshy swamp. The hot spring water is now pumped into hospitals and resort centers around the city.

The exhibition then looks at the legacy of Adolph Sutro born in Aachen in April 29, 1830 he immigrated to California at the age of 20 and died August 8, 1898 in San Francisco. During his lifetime he built the Sutro Tunnel to gain access to the Comstock Load; located in what is now the ghost town of Sutro, Nevada on the outskirts of Virginia City. After his mining success he sold his shares in the Sutro tunnel and opened Sutro Baths just west of San Francisco to what was agreed upon as the world's largest indoor pool along with a museum, a library and effective amusements. The Baths can be viewed as a precedent to water theme-park culture.

The exhibition goes further to look at the legacy and influence of other 19th and 20th century Germans immigrating to California and points West practicing a "natural lifestyle" setting the stage for what was to be called hippi culture.
| Kenneth Andrew Mroczek

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Kenneth Andrew Mroczek
*1981, Seattle, Washington, USA, lebt und arbeitet in Brüssel und Cascadia


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