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      S T R E A M I N G P O E S Y

Blä bla blub
As to the title: for this series of images, I had two large cube boxes made in the paper manufacture of Auroville as well as my tentlike camera. Sometimes in the past, but especially here women stated the resemblance of the tent's entrance to a giant vagina. Which isn't awkward to me, since the whole process of sitting in the dark for hours, has a feel of archaic spiritual connotation – like worship inside a womb, giving birth to an artistic expression – resembling a cave men reenact , who connected art with spirituality, in a way long before any religion came up on the horizon


petit bateaux


calais doc



streaming poesy

"Orte des Verwilderns" - "places that run to seeds"

at the wilderness of virgin forest

URWALD vor den Toren der Stadt, Saarbrücken 2006

with Frédéric le Junter / France


Chiharu Shiota / Japan



"streaming poetry"

Interaktionslabor 2005


Gyohei Zaitsu - Butoh


  "wehr" (1995)